Competition of Creative Design of Handicrafts

Creative design of handicrafts All artists and Enthusiasts to classic arts,creative crafts and products of handicrafts are invited to participate in “creative design of handicrafts” send their designs and ideas to secretariat of competition to 15thTir1400/6 July 2021.Acceptable fields:Creative design in whole handicraft majors.Download File Sending works The number of works and method of sending:-Each artist could present maximum three works in the foorm of “ manual design,three dimensional designs,techniqual plans or Marquette .-Sent works must have ID Card including work title,dimensions,description about performance method,materialls and applied handicrafts majors in design,they preferablyshouldbe in a graphical file of dimensions 35 by 50 centimeters .

-Refreeis done in two steps:Firstly the images of works gathered for enpaticipate in competition are study and checked and secondly the best works will be selected by referees board.-Secretariat is located at 43 alley,next to historical Shahshahan tomb,Qhazvinis historical house,Creative and Innovation House of Isfahan, Ibn Sina St.Isfahan,Iran.Enthusiasts could contact secretariat via WhatsApp number ……….or email at this address“”.(merelyinorder to send image or for sending message)

-Time of sending images is on 1400/3/20 to 1400/4/15 (10 June 2021 to 6 July 2021). The first result announcement is on 1400/4/22 (13 July 2021) and final result and appreciation of top ratings will be performed on 1400/4/28 (19 July 2021)Award and results of participating in competition:The first three winners of design competition will be respectively awarded 5,10,15 million Tomans.

-The other selected ones and also works deserved to be appreciated could enjoy following opportunities:Introducing to position of national export of handicrafts of country,free presence at advanced workshops of build and modeling of Isfahan creativity house,Possibility of presence at online meetings with the best producers and exporters,Presence at individual or group exhibitions located at creative house of Isfahan,enjoying of discount of presented services by creative house,Publishing the work at the book of exhibition.