Khorashad, is a village located in the 24 kilometer of Birjand.This village is famous for its elitism,handicrafts and

beautiful nature.The village of Khorashad has been introduced and registered as the first village of handicrafts in Iran,and the national village of Towbafi by the Organization of Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism in 2018. The traditional weaving in Khorashad (or Towbafi in local language) is one of the most important handicrafts of south khorasan province which has gained several handicrafts labels from the cultural heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran.

In Khorashad,almost all the women are weaving traditional towels.even female students or workers who are temporarily staying in Birjand,return to Khorashad on holidays and weave traditional textiles. So,after national registeration of Khorashad as the village of towbafi,it was nominated as the candidate of World village of traditional towel weaving(Towbafi). Afterof the visits and evaluations of assessors and experts of the West Asia and the Pacific,it was registered as the second World handicrafts village of Iran and the World Towel Weaving (Tow bafi ) village in 2018. Some of the celebrities are: Akhoond-Mullah-Ali,Sheykh Muhammad Ebrahim Ghodsi,Sheykh Mohammad Hossein Khorashadi Kakhk , Dr. Muhammad Esmaeil Rezvani Khorashad (Father of Iran Contemporary History),Dr. Ghazanfar Foroozanfar (Pediatrician and Founder of Birjand University of Medical Science),Morteza Hasanpour Fard,Ph.D in Nursing (the first Male nurse of Iran).
The access routes to Khorashad are roads, airways and railways.After arriving Birjnad,(the center of South
khorasan)and passing the distandce of 24 Kilometers on Birjand-Zahedan road,You will reach Khorashad. After the world registeration of Khorashad ,we saw a considerable promotion in substructures of this village
such as Fiber optics, the speed of the internet and establishment of local markets. The increasing popularity of Khorashad, after the registration,not only leads to higher rate of exports of towels and textiles,but also leads to higher rate of sale in the country.this is an encouraging act for the towel weavers of this now, the rate of exports to other contries like Italy,England and Croatia are about 150 shawls,700 bathing clothes and handkerchief and 60 bathing clothes for babies.the total price of them are about 900 dollars.