Members of Policy Making Council

Ali Asghar Munesan

(Minister of Cultural heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization)

Dr Pouya Mahmoudian(

Pouya Mahmoudian

(Deputy Minister of Handicrafts and Traditional Arts)

Ghodratollah Norouzi

(Isfahan mayor)

Abbas Rezaie

Abbas Rezaie

(Isfahan mayor)


(President Of WCC-Asia Pacific Region)

سعد القدومی

Saad al-Qadumi

(Interim President of WCC-AISBL (International) 2021)

 Nasir Mellat

(world city secretary of handicrafts)

Other Member

Alireza Nasr

(chairman of the city council of Isfahan)

Farahnaz Rafe

(Director of national carpet center)


(Head of Communication and Information Center And Secretary of the Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy Culture Development Headquarters)

Ali Akbar Abdul Maleki

(Tourism Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce)

Ali Akbar Abdollahi

(director General of the organization of municipalities and rural affairs of country)

Seyyed Komeyl Tayyebi

(chairman of the scientific foundation of EcoOrganization)