National carpet competition

Conditions of competition: All designers and activists of handmade carpet field are permitted to participate in this competition. Main Goals of competition:

– Sence of empathy among different areas of Iran.

-Identifying and introducing the top potentials of handmade carpet of Iran

– Creation a sense of healthy competition

– Encouragement and persuasion the activists of handmade carpet field

– Appreciation and thanks for all the effort of activists of this field

– Protection of the most origina Iranian art.

The style of performing of competition

Competition is held in three parts of modern,classic,color and dot.

-In each major ,first and second winners will respectively allocate 100 and 50 million Rials to themselvese.

-Enthusiasts to participate in competition must send the original version of their Work no longer than 25 th Tir 1400/16  july 2021 to union address of producers of Isfahan handmade carpet located at; second floor,Firoozeh building,Hakim St,Isfahan.Phone number:03132214298 Union working hours: 8 AM to 1 PM Refrees of competition-Presidents sent by national center of carpet of Iran.

-presidents of unions and country Trade organization of handmade carpet.

-president of handmade carpet producers.

-Presidents of councils of designers and painters of handmade carpet Scheduling:Deadline -for submission of images and features of works(handmade carpet) is from 15 th Khordad to 15th Tir 1400 (5 Jun to 6 July 2021)Refreeing of works: 16th to 18thTir 1400(7 to 9 July 2021)The announcement of selected winners among participants: 1400/4/27 (18 July 2021 Features of sent works:

-Each work can be sent for one of three majors of “classic design”, ”modern design” or “color and dot”.

-In modern design, innovation will be account into accounte order to more and more harmony with modern decoration.

-saving and preserving the Iranian originality in one of field of content of work, motifs and composition or coloring is absolutely necessary and is the main condition of being to be accepted in “modern design” major.

-More than 50 percent of intended work. must to be new and non-adapted.

-Dimensions of work: free

– Technique :design or coloring is acceptable manually by using photoshop design soft wares ,mat and stamp maker or pattern.

-Work style: modern , Iranian or classic modernism.-Applicants could send designs for all three majors and in each one maximum three works can be sent.Please dont write your name on the separate design paper ,insted completely write your profile with your phone number at the back of same design paper.