National Competition of Clothing Design by using handicrafts

Tha main purpose of competition is to make audiences will be familiar more and more with Iranian-Islamic original clothing that not only it introduce active artists in this field,but also provide conditions for creativity of artists in clothing field in order to reconnect clothing with handicrafts (in the form of ornaments and using existed row materials related to handicrafts such as; different types of textiles and traditional fabric ,furthermore by making such works to be applied more we will beable to save originalities of this unique art.This will play somehow playrole in re expand and economic prosperity in our country too.
Conditions of participating in competition :

-Presented designs must be creatively and have potential of executability and mass production for first time.

-Cultural,historical and artistic originality of design is related with
original Iranian-Islamic culture.

-Each design in the mood board cuts A1 and A2 full color with
designing other paraphernalia.

-Design could be done manual or by using software.

-In ID card of work has been mentioned type,coloring and originality
of ornaments.

-there is no limitation in terms of numbers to send of designing.

-participants could participate in competition or in a group(in group part one person is introduced as president. -The presentation of designing is of two groups of mannish and womanish clothing, and there is no limitation in this regard.9-The size of sent images must be maximum 5 megabytes and sending
them from different dimensions back, front and sides is considered necessarily.

-Enthusiasts in participate in festival must send their works to 15th Tir / 6 July in order to being judged by refrees and it should load to

-Winners of second round of refreeing must send origin version of their works to website secretariat of festival.

-If you need more guide please contact at +986275575 and +989121875846