The competition of creative hand symbol

Undoubtedly ,one of honor of each country is considered its native handicrafts and maunual industries. handicrafts consists a collection of original , indigeneous and popular arts of society which has deep and firm roots in the believes of peoples customs ,habits,traditions,and totally in general spiritual culture of society and has displayed culture and civilization of tribes. Artistic cultural heritages passed to future over centuries have a great spiritual value and are based on the cultural and artistic supports of the past.
Nowadays, traditional arts and handicrafts faced serious challenges as one of the most important indigenous cultural and national production of countries and its economic role and situation because of its nature and characteristics .Such conditions have made those involved and cultural supporters to consider rights and think of measures in order to protect rights of handicrafts producers and its continuation and survival.
The secretariat of Iran international handicrafts festival considering the importance of this art industry specifically its role and economic position decided to hold the “Golden Homa” program. In this regard, the present instructions will be developed and provided to the participants that are produced with the focus on creativity, taste and aesthetics using available raw materials and producing products individually or with a group, mostly manually and with the help of required tools is done.
Culture: It’s a set of customs,rituals, science,art and believes of the society.
Quality Criteria : Use of good quality in the use of natural raw materials ,good and wanted quality in the construction and final payment of the product, observance the safety and healthy points, appropriateness of consumable in making a product with the expected use of the product ,the potential of the product ,the potential of product to meet the material and spiritual needs of users.
Innovation and creativity : Is to use of new elements in the design,production, performance and processing of materials. Originality : Non -use of non- Iranian designs an preservation of cultural identity and aesthetic Iranian original values of Iranian genuine. The intellectual rights of the creator are limited to time and place and are non transferable.Technology and Construction : Creative Technique in order to rise the quality level of goods Iran International Handicrafts Festival Secretariat : It’s the center of making important decisions and implementation the decisions with the aim of coherence, unity of precedures and coordination of actions between the elements of program,with tasks such as planning activities for applicable programs,evaluating held programs,holding summits ( meetings ),etc. The majors of “Golden Homa Program” To be held is as follows : Emboss working (Engraving),Lock smithery,Filigree,Traditional adornments,Wood carving,Wood mosaic, Inlaid working,Carpet weaving ,Kilim woven (palas weaving) ,Rug weaving, Traditional embroidered glabton or Roduzi(a kind of kneedlework),Leather artifacts,Giveh weaving, Calico work (Kalamkari),Pottery,Traditional glassmaking,Enameling,Miniature,Mirrors,Traditional carving, Conditions for participating in competition :
– The works must be based on handmade production methods and the most significant indicator of the selection of works is the distinctive existence of handicrafts in terms of
design,quality,quality of execusion ,originality,identity,creativity and innovation.
– Use of good consumables in production
– Protection of intellectual property rights in design and production
– paying attention to the optimal quality of the effect in the production process and the final productio .
– Considering the desired quality of the work in the production process and the final product.
– Adherence to proper design and principles.
– Only final work is acceptable.
– Observance the factors of proper designing
– Each artist is only allowed to present and send 2 works to “Golden Homa” program.
– About artists ,applicants to participate in competition who are engaged in the production of handicrafts as a group ,we should say that ,the number of members not to be cmore than 3 persons. Its obviously ,if its accepted the certificate swill be issued jointy for the group.
– The submitted works must have a certificate consists of ; work, introduction of the technique, materials used and the name of the work.

– The submitted works must have strong packaging to preserve the work.
– The secretariat of Golden Homa program does not accept responsibility for damages caused by improper submission of the work.
– Those who are interested in participate in competition must upload the image of their works in order to firs remind no longer than 15th Tir 1400/ 6 July 2021 at the latest website of secretariat to (images must have high resolution and maximum quality of 5 megapixel with proper background).
– The selection of works will be done in 2 stages .
– The winners will be awarded Golden Homa Symbol,as a national authentic ID card and also a cash prize worth of 20 million Tomans.
– 10 of creative selected works in this section will be awarded national authentic ID and cash prize worth of 20 million Tomans.
– The announcement of results of top ratings is done by festival no longer than
25th Tir/ 16 July or via secretariat office, winners will receive a phone call.

Address and phone number of secretariat:
Alley 43,Shahshahan Tomb,Historical Ghazvinis House,Ibn sina St, Isfahan,Iran.

 Vida Tavahodi
Director General of Education & Promotion of Handicrafts
Traditional Arts & Handicrafts Deputy
Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts (MCTH)
& Representative of Vice President/WCC-APR

Tel: +98 912 277 5853
WhatsApp: +98 912 277 5853
Instagram: vidatavahodi
Criteria for selecting Artisans:
· Many efforts in development and promotion of handicrafts
· Valuable efforts to preserve the identity and revive handicrafts
· Nationally and internationally renowned artisans as a famous artist in handicrafts
· Valuable activity for training and passing handicrafts to future generations
· Obtaining numerous national and international awards and certificates
· Conducting numerous researches and writing books and present lectures in handicrafts
· Creating a special and unique craft style, initiating a new method in handicrafts
· Have valuable works in national and international museums and galleries
· Having high degrees of handicrafts
· Create unique and high quality