Malileh is one of the most important handicrafts and metal arts of Zanjan province, which is an indicator of how talented, skillful and creative its people are of the metal working industries of Zanjan, Malileh Kari has always had a unique status. Zanjan province is known to be a prosperous center of handicrafts and native arts.

Manual arts of this city are an example of authenic Iranian art. Since there have been many active workshops in the field of silver Malileh Kari in Zanjan over the last decades this city has gone under the title of “The world city of Malileh” today, alarge numer of Malileh Karies are kept on Louvre in paris, Hermitage in Russia and Metro Politan in New York (Ehsani,1382,148) (Table No 3-2). Also, in 1397 (2017), Zanjan was vegisted as the “National city of Malileh” and a certificate with the same title was issued for it. Malileh Kari, is the art of using silver to create works of art which is available in different froms, to manufacture Malileh, first silver is melted. Then it is poured into a mould called “richeh”. After getting hardened, it is pressed into silver wires, which are

commonly used in manufacturing Malileh Kari. In the next stage, the silver wires are placed on a wax-coated metal plate based on different motifs and patterns and inside they are filled with micro motifs. After that, the silver wire are heated y direct five and they are then brushed and washed.