Zilou is one of the oldest type of handmade carpet in Iran and has been woven in Meybod (55km to Yazd) from many years ago. It was the carpet of Irani ans not so long ago and was exported from Meybod to many cities of Iran and also neighboring countries. But Zilou was obsoleted by the emersion of machine woven and synthetic fiber carpets. However, Zilou has unique characteristics which makes it distinguished comparing to other type of Iranian handmade carpets. Zilou is herbal and it has some important character-, istics which are so advanta geous for human environ ment and health. Despite other Iranian handmade carpets which are woven of wool,

Zilou is completely herbal (100 percent). WI Its yarns are made of cotton and its colors are achieved from herbs, for example: Red is achieved from madder, poppy and cherry. Blue is achieved from indigo. Yellow is achieved from Saffron, turmeric and pomegranate peel. Brown is achieved from tobacco, walnut green peel and mutica leaves. Because of cotton and these herbs, Zilou is called “health carpet”. Some of the main characteristics of Zilou which has made it famous as “health carpet” are as follows “1 – it does not cause static electricity: What is static electricity? The researchers have found that the electic charges which are produced while flowing in nerves, store in body texture.So, the magnetic field around these electric charges causes some disorders in body field.These charges will store in parts with high dense of nerves and it is harmful to body because of high density and also adjacent to main However, according to test results, there is no elec tricity charge in Zilou and its static electricity is zero. Therefore, it is the best and most healthy carpet for using in houses and environments. 2 – Zilou does not produce aerosols: Zilou does not have lint, so it does not produce aerosols.Physicians insiston using it.