Seyyedeh Mahbubeh Kazemi Dulabi

Email Address: art.tourism

Website address:

Date of Birth: 1351

Scientific Records:

-Tourism and development field researcher

– Tourism management from management economics faculty of ALGARVE University of Portugal ,obtaining admission to the PHD degree.

-Top tourism management from Bahar institution of higher education.

-DBA (Doctor of Business Administration of Tourism).

-MA in (Master of Business Administration of tourism) MBA

-BA in Russian translation,from Islamic Azad University. Diploma in Applied science.

Job Records:

-Entrepreneur and art tourism designer

-Cultural ,artistic and economic activist

-Vice president and deputy of founding board of the “Parse bank” which is on the verge of establishment (located in abroad)

-Organizer of specialized Islamic and Itanian auction Baran

-The First Founder of specialized calligraphy auction (first artistic tourism event)

-Managing director of Tarane Baran Gallery (Iranian Islamic arts)

-Economic advisor of Iran calligrafers association (since 1396)

-Member of Iran collectioner.

-Director of Parsa Jam Ariana trading and tourism development company.

=Chairman of the first national conference on Art tours of Expediency Discernment Council (Art tourism 1392).

-Member of policy making council and head of first Exhibition of first national conferences on artistic city tour of Tehran municipality 1394

-Member of scientific committee of the first national conference of Expediency Discernment Council (Art tourism 1392).

-Cooaperatio with the Mostazafan foundation .

– Cooperation with Rudaki foundation.

-Member of board of directors of Mehr Ariana Village Company (organizer of the first mountain tourism Eco Camp) (Tourism) .

– Managing Director of Ariana Tourist international Magazine (1388).

-Jahan nama gallery operator of Niavaran Palace since 1385.

-Artist (painter)

-Member of Quran Researchers women .

-Deputy CEO (deputy director) of Pasargad Ariana Tourist Company 1384.

-Shareholder and managing director of specialized magazine Iran Export .

-Shareholder and deputy director of specialized magazine Ariana Tourist since 1384 (Tourism and cultural heritage Magazine).

-Continuouse and long term cooperation with Blue Hall in Niavaran Palace in order to hold Islamic and Iranian art exhibitions .

-Operator of Blue Hall in Niavaran Palsace 1391.

-Organizer of Exclusive and specialized exhibitions .

-Organizer of the first exhibition of Besmellah in 1391 at cultural institution Eco.

-Organizer of Islamic distinguished art exhibition in Niavaran Palace in 1391.

– Advisor of Managing Director for Middle East Swan Dimond Recreational Tourism Project since 1389.

– Advisor of Managing Director for Panaroma Tourism Project in 1391 (Business Center) .

-Advisor to Sam Center Media in 1389.

-Advisor to Managing Director of Lasem Tourism Project in 1388.