The importance of Tabriz carpet can be studied from different aspects. The history of Tabriz carpet is one of the important categories that have had a great impact not only on the region’s carpet but also on the history of the world’s carpet, even the Ottoman and Indian. Immediately and according to the testimonies of the tourists of the Turkmen period, very exquisite carpets decorated the Blue Mosque with designs in the dignity of the turquoise tiled designs of Islam. During the ozone period, beautiful carpets were seen in the palace of Hasht Behesht. Tabriz carpet took a very big step in the Safavid period. The origin of classic Iranian carpets undoubtedly goes back to the very diverse carpets of Tabriz. Safavid rugs have made significant progress in every way. Both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of role and substance. Carpets of hunting ground, bergamot, elastic bergamot, tree, four seasons, four gardens and traps in different dimensions show the increasing growth of carpets in Tabriz in the tenth century AH. The pattern of these carpets has a considerable aesthetic and richly varied.